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Stijn Heldens

Stijn Heldens

I’m a Dutch computer scientist, currently working as a Research Software Engineer (RSE) at the Netherlands eScience Center and also serving as a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam. I enjoy scientific research where my interests lie in high-performance computing, with a particular focus on parallel algorithms, distributed systems, programming languages/compilers, and GPU programming.

Kernel Launcher: C++ library for creating optimal-performance portable CUDA applications

IPDPS 2023 - I traveled to St. Petersburg Florida to present our new paper on Kernel Launcher at iWAPT2023, the International Workshop on Automatic Performan...

Lightning: Scaling the GPU Programming Model Beyond a Single GPU

IPDPS 2022 - I presented my paper on Lightning, a programming model that allows you to create applications for GPU clusters in way that is very similar to de...