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ICT.Open2023 Workshop on Energy-Aware HPC

April 19, 2023, Utrecht, the Netherlands – At the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the annual ICT.Open conference hosted a workshop invited participants to delve into the realm of “Energy-Aware High-Performance Computing.” Organized by the Netherlands eScience Center, SURF, and CWI, the workshop aimed to address the challenge of optimizing energy efficiency in computing systems.

The workshop spotlighted the Energy Aware Runtime (EAR), a management framework designed to optimize energy consumption in computing systems through energy control, accounting, monitoring, and optimization. Additionally, attendees gained practical experience with Kernel Tuner, an automatic performance tuning tool for optimizing energy efficiency in GPU applications.

Geared towards researchers and research software engineers, the workshop leveraged Google Colab’s GPU-enabled Jupyter notebook environment, which allowed participants to explore strategies for integrating energy-awareness into their own computational workflows. The workshop fostered knowledge exchange and collaboration, equipping participants with practical insights to navigate the evolving landscape of energy-efficient computing.

Written by

Floris-Jan Willemsen

Floris-Jan is a PhD Candidate at Leiden University and the Netherlands eScience Center. His research focusses on intelligent, automated optimization of GPU software.