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Energy Efficient GPU Computing tutorial at Supercomputing 2023

November 12, 2023 — I traveled to Denver, CO, together with my colleagues Alessio Sclocco, Stijn Heldens, and Floris-Jan Willemsen, to give a tutorial on Energy Efficient GPU Computing. The tutorial covered three different strategies to improve the energy efficiency of GPU applications: 1) optimization techniques for GPU Programming, 2) techniques for mixed-precision programming and exploring the performance/accuracy trade-off in optimization, and 3) finally how to find the most energy-friendly clock frequency to bring down energy consumption. In all three parts, we make extensive use of Kernel Tuner, the software development tool developed by our research group.

Alessio Sclocco wrote a post about our trip and the tutorial on the blog of the Netherlands eScience Center.

Written by

Ben van Werkhoven

Ben van Werkhoven is assistant professor at LIACS and head of the Accelerated Computing research group. His research interests lie in High Performance Computing (HPC), software optimization, automatic performance tuning (auto-tuning), energy efficiency, programming models, performance modeling, and the acceleration of scientific applications.