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Automatically Exploring GPU Program Design Spaces for Increased Productivity and Sustainability

SIAM CSE23 - SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23) was held in RAI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from Feb 26 to March 3. I dropped by on March 1 to give a talk in the special session on Towards Improvement of Sustainability and Productivity for Research Software. In this talk, I presented some of the challenges pertaining to software sustainability and programmer productivity in the development of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, which often spans several decades. In particular, I discussed how auto-tuning technologies, such as Kernel Tuner and Kernel Launcher developed by our group, can offer solutions to these challenges.

The slides of the presentation are available on:

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Ben van Werkhoven

Ben van Werkhoven is assistant professor at LIACS and head of the Accelerated Computing research group. His research interests lie in High Performance Computing (HPC), software optimization, automatic performance tuning (auto-tuning), energy efficiency, programming models, performance modeling, and the acceleration of scientific applications.