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Kernel Tuner Version 1.0 released!

April 5, 2024 — Finally, the Version 1.0 release is here! The software has been stable and ready for production use for quite some time now and after being in beta for about a half a year, we are confident that the current version of the software deserves to mark the first major release of Kernel Tuner.

Version 1.0 integrates a lot of new functionality, including blazing fast search space construction, support for tuning HIP kernels on AMD GPUs, new functionality for mixed precision and accuracy tuning, experimental support for tuning OpenACC programs, a conda package installer for Kernel Tuner, and many more changes and additions.

The Leiden University website has posted an interview with me about the Version 1.0 release of Kernel Tuner.

Written by

Ben van Werkhoven

Ben van Werkhoven is assistant professor at LIACS and head of the Accelerated Computing research group. His research interests lie in High Performance Computing (HPC), software optimization, automatic performance tuning (auto-tuning), energy efficiency, programming models, performance modeling, and the acceleration of scientific applications.